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SmartLoad Retailer SIM

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Smart Load Retailer

(Traditional Program)


How to Order Retailer SIM?


P150.00 Cost of Smart Load Retailer SIM.


Step 1.  Visit any smart wireless center near in your area.


Step 2.  Ask them to transfer worth 150.00 to Smart Money #5577-513455596100 only and pay for the corresponding charge.


Step 3. Ask for reference # & Text Info at Sales Hotline 0918-2013643.


Type: Retailer SIM <space> Amount <space> Ref# from Smart Wireless Center.


Step 4.  Wait for the Delivery of your SIM (2-5 Days)




Product                      Debit                           Profit             

Economy 30              P26.50                        P3.50             

Regular 60                 P53.00                        P7.00             

Extra 115                   P102.00                     P13.00                       


Free P1.00 Air time load with expiration of 40 Days and 300 Free text Smart to Smart text only with no expiration.  It will be credited into your retailer number on the first week of the following month.


Note:  Retailer’s must reach P3, 500 (accumulated )worth of e-load wallet converted from Smart money account within a month to get the incentive.


Earn Loyalty points from accumulated Smart Money funds converted to e-load wallet (No time frame). Retailer’s must have personalised Smart Money Card to earn loyalty points.


Points Required


1000pts.                    P300 Air time Load or E-load wallet

650pts.                      P200 Air time load only

350pts.                      P115 Air time load only

200pts.                      P60 Air time load only

100pts.                      P30 Air time load only

To redeem your Loyalty Points



LOAD <space> Retailer Number <space> Amount


Amount:  200, 115, 60, or 30 only.


WALLET <space> Your Smart Money # <space> 300


send to 343. Note: 2.50 will be charge to your personal Load.


How to apply Personalised Smart Money Card?


1.       Apply Personalised Smart Money Card directly to the Smart wireless Center together with your  Smart Load Retailer SIM and 1 Valid I.D Length of processing varies within 30minutes plus P200 processing fee.


2.       Or you can activate you smart money account number thru your cell and apply your smart money card later in any Smart Wireless Center near you.


How to Activate Smart Money Account Number?


Step 1:  Go to Smart menu of your SIM (select)

Step 2:  Go to SMART Money (ok)

Step 3:  Go to Activate Card “you have to create a 6 digit wireless pin (w-pin)”

Step 4:  Press Ok

Step 6:  Desired W-PIN

Step 7:  Re-enter W-PIN (same number)

Smart Money will confirm your 16 Digit Smart Money Card number.


Ex. 01Jan 1341: Please standby your menu will be updated in a few minutes.  Your SMART Money Card is 5577516123456789 with card Name My Smart Money.

Ref: 123456123456


Where to reload Your Smart Money Card?


1.       Any Smart Wireless Center

2.       Any Banco De Oro Branches

3.       At your U2 Dealer ( Upon the availability of Smart Money Fund)


How to Convert Smart Money Fund to e-load wallet?


1.       Smart Menu (press select)

2.       Smart Money (press ok)

3.       Transfer (press ok)

4.       others (press ok)

5.       Enter Card No. (Your Cell phone Number)

Example:  Instead 09 change to ( 63 plus your 10 digit #) 639182435465 (press ok 3x)

6.  Amount minimum of P100 (press ok 2x)

7.       Send.  Wait for the confirmation from Smart Money.


Ex.  01 Jan 1140: P1000.00 loaded to load wallet 09182435465 from MySmartMoney. Smart Money Bal:P200 Ref:123456123456


How to sell Smart Load?


1.       Smart Menu (ok)

2.       Smart Load (ok)

3.       Load(ok)

4.       Enter Customer Celfone No. (ok)

5.       Economy30, Regular60, Extra115 (press ok 2x)

6.       Press send.  Wait for the confirmation.


How to Check Your Loyalty Points and S.Money Balance?


1.        Smart Menu (ok)

2.        Smart Money (ok)

3.        Balance (ok)

4.        My Smart Money (ok)

5.        Enter w-PIN (ok)

6.        Send. Wait for the Confirmation (W/P1.00 Charge)


How to check your Load Wallet Balance?


1.        Smart Menu (ok)

2.        Smart Load (ok)

3.        Balance (ok)

4.        Load Wallet (ok)

5.        Send. Wait for the Confirmation (W/P1.00 Charge)


No Air time Charge will apply for the following commands:


1.       Converting  Smart Money Fund to e-load wallet.

2.       Selling Smart Load

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